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This is the way the world ends – not with a bang, but a dimwit.


Something strange is happening in Zone 006, the sleepy haven walled off from the post-apocalyptic wasteland that was left behind after an explosive, civilization-ending catastrophe.


Camille, a bumbling below-average high school student unwittingly stumbles into the beginnings of a dangerous adventure when a mysterious entity reveals the inescapable fate that will lead Camille to find his true, world-altering purpose in life — if he can make it through fourth period.


The standard, softcover edition of Rapture Burgers Volume One. Includes an afterword from the creator.

Rapture Burgers Volume One (Softcover)

  • Page count: 364

    Width: 153mm (approx. 6 in)

    Height: 207mm (approx. 8 in)

    Thickness: 22.9mm (approx. 0.9 in.)

    Weight: 579g (approx. 1.27lbs)

  • Created by: C Hill

    Written by: C Hill & Adam Douglas

    Art by: Pepper

    Assistants: Kunitsuna, Goh Koke, Lucy Toyota

    Cover illustration by: Pepper

    Graphics by: R R Kondrath

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