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  • Which file format should I choose for digital releases?
    We recommend reading the page for each format to determine what works best for you. PDF is fairly universally supported, but Adobe Acrobat Mobile doesn't support right-to-left page order at the time of this writing. For mobile devices we recommend choosing either MOBI or EPUB.
  • Why aren't the digital versions of Rapture Burgers available on Amazon?
    Simple: Kindle doesn't offer us a good royalty option for books of this size. The options are either take 35% royalties, or try to drastically reduce the file sizes to make any money on the 70% royalty plan. However, it's still possible to read the book in the Kindle app on Mac, PC, and Android. (IOS users should use EPUB)
  • Are your books available anywhere else?
    The digital versions of our books are also available on GlobalComix. Physical copies will be available on Amazon, and select independent comic shops in the Los Angeles area, as well as any conventions we can get a table at.
  • Which languages are your books available in?
    Our books are released in English and Japanese. For physical editions, we prioritize the English editions, and if there's enough demand, will arrange for printing of the Japanese versions.
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