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The standard edition of Rapture Burgers Volume One. Includes an afterword from the creator.



This is the way the world ends – not with a bang, but a dimwit.


Something strange is happening in Zone 006, the sleepy haven walled off from the post-apocalyptic wasteland that was left behind after an explosive, civilization-ending catastrophe.


Camille, a bumbling below-average high school student unwittingly stumbles into the beginnings of a dangerous adventure when a mysterious entity reveals the inescapable fate that will lead Camille to find his true, world-altering purpose in life — if he can make it through fourth period. 

Rapture Burgers Volume One (EPUB)

  • Page count: 364

    Format: EPUB

    Size: 253MB

    EPUB is widely supported standard format. We recommend for iPad and iPhone users, since a file this large can simply be opened in Apple Books and read. For Android devices, the Books app doesn't allow files this large to be imported. However, there may be third party apps that work better. 

  • Created by: C Hill

    Written by: C Hill & Adam Douglas

    Art by: Pepper

    Assistants: Kunitsuna, Goh Koke, Lucy Toyota

    Cover illustration by: Yuki Murayama

    Graphics by: R R Kondrath

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